Industrial Cardan Shaft,Drive Shaft parts and Universal Joint


Cardan shaft (universal joint shaft ) working principle
摘要:Cardan shaft (universal joint shaft ) working principle Industrial drive shaft , Cardenes

Generally speaking, cardan shaft-universal shaft coupling and double cross coupling to realize the principle of constant speed drive is the same.Duplex universal joint is actually a will drive shaft length is reduced to a minimum set of double cross shaft universal joint of constant speed drive.Common duplex must have patterned constant speed cardan shaft-universal shaft coupling and three pin type two kinds, duplex cardan shaft patterned constant speed universal joint.Currently, cross cardan shaft is ball cage type cardan shaft, there are also using the ball three pivot of universal joint fork universal joint or freedom, the outside surface of six arc grooves, form the inner raceway.Six groups inside and outside to the space race, and maintains a 4 qualified in the same plane.Universal transmission device is generally composed of cardan shaft and the shaft, intermediate and bearing, mainly in use before the cardan shaft-universal drive shaft, shaft and intermediate support engine front between the transmission and drive axle of the rear wheel drive car.In car transmission and other system, realized the axis intersection and turn to the relative position between the power transfer.

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