Industrial Cardan Shaft,Drive Shaft parts and Universal Joint


Cardan shaft ( universal joint shaft ) is used to join two axle - driving shaft and driven shaft
摘要:Cardan shaft(universal joint shaft) is used to join two axle - driving shaft and driven shaft Drive shaft , Universal coupling

Cardan shaft ( universal joint shaft,universal coupling ) is a kind of used to join two axis respectively in different institutions are driving shaft and driven shaft, make the two shaft rotate together to pass torque of mechanical parts.The overloaded power transmission at high speed, some coupling and buffer, vibration and enhance the role of shaft system dynamic performance. The cardan shaft consists of two parts, respectively, and the driving shaft and driven shaft connection.Most general engine by means of shaft machine connected with work.
Coupling (cardan shaft,universal joint shaft) connection of two axis, due to the manufacture and installation error, bearing after deformation and the influence of temperature change, will cause the change of the relative location of two axles, often cannot ensure to strictly.Based on coupling elastic element, for a variety of relative displacement with or without compensation ability, namely whether the relative displacement under the condition of maintaining the purpose of the coupling function and coupling, coupling can be divided into rigid coupling, universal coupling(cardan shaft ,universal joint shaft) and safety coupling.



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